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Financial Asset Investigations

Financial Asset Investigations are used to determine the assets of an individual or a business entity. Some of the reasons for wanting to determine this information are specific to the type of client:

Financial Services Firms:

Determine if proposed financial “workout” terms are understated
Assist in the collection of debt
Merger and Acquisition Investigations


Determine the financial health of a prospective joint venture partner
Provide business intelligence for a Mergers & Acquisition decision.

Law Firms:

Determine whether or not there is financial merit in suing a potential litigant
Locate seizable assets in support of a judgment

Frizell Group offers personalized services

All Financial Asset Investigations are managed by Susan K. Strong, Managing Director (a former international and domestic banker, most recently at the Senior Vice President level in commercial lending). After fully debriefing the client so that the investigation can be focused on the client’s need in the most cost-effective manner, Frizell Group uses a myriad of financial sources, proprietary databases, and in-person record searchers to develop the appropriate information. Although not all assets can be located, Frizell Group has a significant record of accomplishment in finding assets for our clients.
Frizell Group was established in 1995 by David P. Frizell, Jr., CFE, a Certified Fraud Examiner and former federal law enforcement and counterintelligence agent. He and his highly qualified team create the ultimate blend of people and skills to be productive in any corporate investigation.
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